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Cecil : Jin / photos : Resh and Kat

Celebrating two years of WtNV! I wanted to do a photo tribute to Cecil, showing scenes from a regular work day for the voice of Night Vale. It didn’t dawn on me right away just how much of this time Cecil spends alone. My interns were absent, so this set is just of me and I’m a little embarrassed about it, hahah. I apologize for this oversight.

I offer this link to my tag for our other WtNV photos so far, featuring more characters: []



This phenomenally awesome Godzilla cosplay was created by lifelong Godzilla fan Sean Sumagaysay from Puerto Rico. Yes, there is a person inside this amazing homemade suit and, if you watch this costume test video (shot on a rooftop so it looks like he’s as tall as the nearby buildings), you’ll find that it moves just like the big guy does in the movies. Sean named his cosplay project “Project Nautilus" after the working title of the new Godzilla film which came out just last month. He debuted his lumbering creation at the 2014 Puerto Rico ComicCon.

Visit the Project: NAUTILUS Facebook page for additional photos.

[via Fashionably Geek and Kotaku]

At first I was like “Oh neat it’s one of those large Gojira statues again” and then I read the word “Cosplay” and was like




Two weeks ago I went to Japan and did a thing.

How did you not get arrested?


Sharing some tips and techniques I learned from months of exploring Typography. 


Early animation of Ariel by Glen Keane


Early animation of Ariel by Glen Keane

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